Kenilworth School

History - Modern preparation

Modern History:


Core books:

 “Communist States in the 20th century” (Edexcel)

“Germany: Divided and reunited – 1945-1991” (Access to History)


Helpful programmes / documentaries:

People’s Century series: Episode 3 (“Red Flag”), episode 10 (“Total War”), episode 11 (“Fallout”), episode 12 (“Brave New World”), episode 25 (“People power”)


Cold War series: Episode 1 (“Comrades”), episode 4 (“Berlin”), episode 7 (“After Stalin”), episode 9 (“The Wall”), episode 23 (“The Wall comes down”), episode 24 (“Conclusion”)


(The above are all freely available on Youtube)


HBO & Sky “Chernobyl” series (age rating 15)

“Deutschland 83 / Deutschland 86” series – available through Channel 4 (age rating 15)

Please note the above have scenes unsuitable for younger audiences.



Areas to investigate for good background knowledge:

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

Lenin and Stalin: their backgrounds and actions as Soviet leaders

The Chernobyl accident

The division of Germany after World War Two

The Berlin Blockade

The Berlin Wall – creation and fall