Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

School Uniform Statement

Kenilworth School uniform statement



The uniform is currently available online, from Price and Buckland, and there is a link to this outlet through the school website.  The school is looking at increasing the number of suppliers.

Uniform KS3/4

Details of the compulsory and optional uniforms including PE kit are available on the school website.

Value for money

With no blazer or tie as part of our uniform, we consider the cost to families to be reasonable as there are fewer items to purchase than with uniforms incorporating a blazer, and the sweatshirt represents a much cheaper alternative to a blazer. Only two of the P.E. compulsory items cost more than £13, with all of the non P.E. compulsory items costing £13 or below each. The fact that the sweatshirt is the same colour for KS3/4 also represents value for money as the sweatshirts are durable and parental feedback suggests they only need replacing when children outgrow them.

The school skirt does have a logo, unlike the trousers, which does increase its price to £15.45 however this is an optional item. No student is required to wear the skirt and can wear the unbranded trousers instead, which are generic and can be bought cheaply from supermarkets and other lower cost outlets. The decision to bring in a skirt with a school logo was taken to address a trend among students for wearing skirts that were either tighter or shorter than appropriate.

The school maintains a stock and regularly provides uniform for families in financial hardship, particularly those students qualifying for the pupil premium.

We also offer second hand uniform through the PTA uniform shop. Details of this are on the school Facebook page and there is a link on the school website under transition information.

Information for parents

Student appearance and uniform expectations are outlined in the behaviour and rewards policy and the transition information booklet on the school website, along with a link to the online uniform shop.

Considerations: To comply more fully with recent guidelines the MAT/school should consider the following:

  • Engage even more regularly with existing suppliers on availability of quality cheaper uniform

options; this currently happens annually

  • Identify those garments that do not need a school logo, for example the tracksuit top and microfleece, PE shorts and football/PE socks
  • Consult on our uniform again. With the move to our new build in September 2023 we need to consult on possible uniform changes, including taking feedback on the question of whether stakeholders would support a move to a more formal uniform, with the potential for increased cost and whether a move to a more formal expectation for sixth form, for example smart business attire, would be supported.