Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

School Values & Mission Statement

At Kenilworth School:

  • The pupils will feel proud of their school and enjoy going to a place where their needs are taken seriously and they are well known as individuals. 
  • The pupils will work in a happy, ordered, but not regimented community where rules have reasons. They can work without interference and any problems they encounter are dealt with quickly and sensitively, and misdemeanours handled firmly, but justly. 
  • The lessons are varied, interesting and challenge them at an appropriate level. Pupils are motivated to make progress and achieve well. If they are in difficulty they will get support. The relationships between pupils and teaching staff are warm but respectful and pupils have at least one adult who knows them very well. 
  • There is a range of opportunities outside lessons to stimulate new interests and enthusiasms. 
  • Praise and encouragement are frequently used and a broad scope of possible achievement is recognised. Where support is needed, it is as positive and individual as possible. 
  • The school has the resources to sustain this varied and exciting curriculum and the environment is well cared for, stimulating and imaginative. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for the care of their surroundings. 
  • All pupils have equal access to different aspects of the curriculum and are discouraged from harmful stereotypes. The school maintains an open view of their potential. 
  • All pupils are encouraged to take responsibility and develop leadership skills through cooperative working. They are expected to show tolerance and respect for others’ opinions. 
  • All pupils are given guidance and have information and expertise to help them in their vocational choices. 

When the young people are ready to leave school:

  • They will have achieved the very best academic results they can. Other experiences, skills and talents will be formally recognized. 
  • They will have a positive attitude to further study and training and some idea of the career path they wish to follow. They have the learning skills to make the best use of opportunities available. 
  • They will be personable young adults, who could sustain themselves economically and are prepared to give up their time in the service of others. 
  • They will have some idea of their beliefs and their spiritual and emotional needs. They will have developed a set of moral principles, and be able to sustain relationships. 
  • They will have the motivation to play their part in society and the self-confidence to question and challenge when they feel it necessary. 
  • They will have made good friends and have happy memories. 

Mission Statement

Kenilworth School aims to be an excellent school at the heart of the community. We motivate all of our young people to achieve more than they ever thought possible and awaken a curiosity and passion for learning so that they can play a full part as adults in shaping the society of the future. 

Our students are proud of their achievements, and are encouraged to make an active contribution to school, the community and to society at large through a range of opportunities which develop leadership, flexibility, and a strong work ethic.