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External Exam Information

Year Exam Grades – Key Stage 4


Depending on options taken, it is possible that reports will have a mixture of GCSE (A*-G), Btec and the new GCSE (9-1) grades. Please see the table below to see what the new GCSE grades and the Btec grades equate to.


GCSE Grade 4 will be considered a ‘standard pass’

GCSE Grade 5 will be the ‘good pass’

GCSE   Btec
New GCSE Grade (9-1) GCSE Equivalent Grade (A*-G)   Btec Grade GCSE Equivalent (9-1)
9 A*   Distinction 8/9
8 A/A*   Distinction 7
7 A   Merit 5/6
6 B   Pass 4
5 B/C   L1p 3
4 C      
3 D      
2 E/F      
1 F/G      

All parents and students can find examination information and timetables as the information becomes available on the VLE.  If you have any queries or concerns please contact:


Mrs J Kelly - Senior Examinations Officer

01926 859421


Mrs M Chamberlain - Examinations Officer (Sixth Form)

01926 513655


Academic year 2021/2022

In the event of possible school closure due to bad weather, power cuts etc students sitting their GCSE/GCE exams must assume that their exams will take place unless there is a note to the contrary on the school web site. The school may be closed to other students but every effort will be made to open to ensure external exams can take place.

However please note the following:
  • Exams will still take place on the timetabled day and in the timetabled session, i.e. am or pm.
  • Exam start times may be delayed slightly to ensure staffing arrangements are in accordance with exam regulations – students will be supervised by centre staff if necessary.
  • Students should make every effort to attend their exams. If a student is going to be late for their exam or is unable to attend, please inform the school by telephone on 01926 859421 as soon as possible.
  • Unless it is the final chance to take that exam it is unlikely we will be able to apply for special consideration if an exam is missed. You will need to take it in the next available session. 

In the event that the school is unable to open for exams at all, we will take advice from the relevant exams board and post that advice on the school web site.