Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

SchoolCloud (Parents Evening)

For the near future and for the safety of all concerned, parents’ evenings will now be held online, with staff, parents, and carers meeting via remote video appointment. 

Parents’ evenings will be managed and administered via an online parents evening system. This system allows parents to choose and book their own appointments, subject to availability, at times which are convenient to them throughout the evening. 

We will notify you via email and newsletters when a Parents Evening is due as well as when the booking system will be open and closed. Once you are ready to make an appointment, you simply log in by visiting and entering your contact details and child's name and date of birth.  

It is important, when you log in, that you use an email address which you can be contacted on, and when entering your child’s name, you use their ‘preferred name’. 

We have attached two guides which should support you in the process. 


Title Date  
Booking Appointments 21st Oct 2020 Download
How to attend appointments over video call 21st Oct 2020 Download