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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview


A Curriculum for Life

The curriculum that our young people have access to enables them to develop a sound set of skills, both learning and interpersonal, our aim is that they become active and valued participants in society with the skills necessary for independent thought and continuous learning.

A broad, balanced range of subjects covering the National Curriculum from year 7 gives our children a strong foundation. We test them regularly so we can check their progress and so that they become familiar with the rigours of terminal examination. It is at this early stage that we introduce them to the 5Rs of resourcefulness, resilience, reflection, responsibility and reasoning, characteristics which will give them the fortitude and flexibility to deal with many situations throughout their lives, as well as helping them through their exams.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Our teachers work closely together across departments also, and regularly put on Cross-curricular days to deliver not only subject content knowledge but also to develop a variety of personal and learning skills. This means our students appreciate the fact that these skills and attributes are transferable across different subjects they are studying now, and across a variety of tasks they may be undertaking in their future working lives.
Whilst we are always reflective about our teaching and regularly review the curriculum we deliver, through our surveys our students tell us that they enjoy their lessons and that they are making good progress.

Intelligent Student Voice

We listen carefully to what our students tell us, and each year a group of student Learning Ambassadors develops a series of events which teach younger pupils study skills. They also work with teams of teachers to plan some lessons.


We get to know our children well, their strengths, their areas for development and their potential, and this allows us to fine tune and personalise their curriculum as they progress through the school and start key stage 4. Following a carefully constructed programme of information, advice and guidance for them and their parents, students choose from a variety of academic and vocational courses which complement their core Ebac subjects of Maths, English, science, a humanities course and a language course.

A Strong Community of Individuals

Because each of our students is an individual with different needs we are careful to challenge where appropriate through a programme of enhanced curriculum opportunities which extend our most able students. We are also able to help the learning of our students through tailored support programmes from our well resourced and highly skilled Special Educational Needs department. In short, we leave no stone unturned in our aim to find the best individualised curriculum for each young person.

The Best Information, Advice and Guidance

We know our students will go on to become successful individuals in their chosen field and so we are always keen to provide the very best in work related learning and careers guidance through a dynamic combination of our own Careers Advisor and our business associates who come into school, regularly to work with our students and teachers.

Success Breeds Success

As well as being a great place to learn, Kenilworth School is a wonderful place to teach. Our happy students and an ethos of opportunity band success means that we attract the best, most skilled practitioners in the profession. All our teachers use the Accelerated Learning Cycle to plan and deliver their lessons, where active learning, assessment and tailoring the tasks to meet the needs of the children are consistent features. An ethos of curiosity and enquiry is encouraged, and children feel genuinely cared for.


For any further information relating to the curriculum, please contact Mr P. Hoverd Deputy Head (Curriculum)