Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Choosing your Courses

How many subjects should I take?

You should choose 3 or 4 subjects (or 5 if you are taking Further Maths and count it as 2 subjects).

If you are not sure about which subjects to choose then it could be wise to start with 4 subjects and drop a subject during Year 12 when your subject teachers and yourself are confident about your choices.


What subjects should I take?

Advanced levels are difficult and require lots of study in addition to your lessons. Therefore you need to really enjoy the subjects.

Completing the 'A level preparation work' will help you to decide what A levels to study.


What if I have not studied the subjects before at GCSE level?

For some subjects, for example, Business Studies, Criminology, Economics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology, you will not have had to study them at GCSE level to take them at A level. For other subjects, see our curriculum section of the website regarding what subjects and grades you will need to have achieved at GCSE level.


Where can I get more information from?

From the curriculum section of our website, from teachers who have taught A level in that subject and from students who are currently studying A levels. Please also see this Russell Group’s guide: