Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Reporting Student Absence


At Kenilworth School and Sixth Form we have very high expectations of attendance and punctuality. There is a strong correlation between good attendance and strong outcomes for students which, in turn, provides them with greater options in the future.

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How parents can support regular school attendance:

  • Make sure that your child leaves for school with plenty of time to arrive on time.
  • Support and encourage your child by attending parents evening and other events.
  • Contact school to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s attendance.
  • Work with the school to resolve any issues that may be causing or having an impact on your child’s attendance.
  • Attempt to make medical appointments outside of school hours whenever possible.
  • Not take your child out of school for holidays in term time or for other unnecessary absences.


It is important that students are punctual so that they do not miss out on the beginning of each school day. Students must attend registration on time (by 8.40am) to be given a present mark.

Arrival after the start of morning registration (8.40am) will be recorded as late and a late detention will be issued; students attend these late detentions at first break on the day that they are late.

All Absences

To report your child’s absence, COVID or non COVID, please click on the links below depending on whether your child is in KS3 – KS4 or KS5 (Sixth Form)

  • Absences should be reported by 8.30 am.
  • If the absence is NON COVID-19 related you will need to do this every day of the absence.

Click here to report your child’s absence today (Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) Click here to report your child’s absence today (year 12 and 13)

Leave of Absence during school day request

If a student needs to attend a medical appointment or requires a leave of absence for any other reason please email our Attendance Officer:

Mrs Kilby 

With the date, time and reason for the request. The leave of absence request should be obtained in advance, except in an emergency.

Before leaving the school site the student should report to main reception and sign out. Students must be collected by parents from Main Reception unless it is specified in the email giving specific permission to leave the school site alone. On returning to the school site the student should sign in immediately at main reception before returning to lessons.

Leave of Absence for a Family Holiday

Family holidays should be taken during the Academy holiday period. Leave will not be granted for family holidays, unless under exceptional circumstances.

Requests for leave of absence for family holiday should be made using the official leave of absence request form which your child can collect from main reception or click the link below to download a copy.

Click here to report to download a copy of the Leave of Absence for Family Holiday Form