Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Staff List

Contacting Staff via E-Mail

Staff who are avaliable to contact via email have their addresses listed below. We have also listed form tutors and year heads and their email addresses. 

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D.Nicholas - Headteacher -

Mr N.Mummery - Senior Deputy Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form -

Mr S.Bennett - Deputy Headteacher -

Mr P.Hoverd - Deputy Headteacher -

Mr R.Garratt - Assistant Headteacher -

Mr A.Evans - Assistant Headteacher -

Mrs L.Jordan - Assistant Headteacher -

Head of Years

Head of Year 7 - Mr L.Ovenden -

Head of Year 8 - Mr A.Dudley -

Head of Year 9 - Ms S.Castro -

Head of Year 10 - Mrs G.Dyson -

Year of Year 11 - Mrs E.Lee -

Pastoral Lead Y12 & Y13 - Miss F.Billington -

Art Department

Head of Art - Ms J.Daly -

Miss L.Halford

Mr L.Wells

Miss S.Edwards

Mrs C.Logan

Business Studies Department

Head of Business Studies - Mr P.Hodgson -

Mrs J.McBride

Ms N.Mattu

Mr J.Smith

Mr G.Mann

Computer Science Department

Head of Computer Science - Mr A.Ferguson -

Mrs S.Toor


English Department

Head of English - Miss K.Martin -

Second in Department - Miss E.Whyatt

Mr S.Bennett

Mr D.Bradford

Miss C.Cessford

Mr A.Dudley

Miss L.Byrne 

Mr D.Allen

Mrs R.Wartnaby

Mrs H.Alderson-Fletcher

Mrs P.Ward

Miss S.Walsh

Miss S.Purewal 


Head of Drama - Mr C.Shelton -

Mrs E.Thompson

Mr C.Bailey


Geography Department

Head of Geography - Mrs E.Spalding -

Second in Department - Mr R.Leggett

Mr J.Rogers

Mr R.Garratt 

Ms F.Inman

Ms S.Castro

Miss G.Smith

History Department

Head of History - Mr A.Shreeve -

Mr P.Billington

Mrs A.Palmer

Mr X.Mytton

Mrs F.Coulson

Latin Department

Maths Department

Head of Maths - Ms T.Ahmad

Second in Department - Mr G.Rafferty

Miss K.Wilson

Mr D.Woodward

Mr G.Davies

Mrs P.Garnett

Mrs G.Runnicles

Mr M.Holmes

Mr I.McKenzie

Miss S.Mounsey

Mr P.Hoverd

Mrs E.Swann-Roberts

Mr A.Davies

Miss Z.Taylor

Mr N.Sanders

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Head of MFL & Head of Spanish - Ms C.Staddon -

Head of German - Mrs J.Pollacco

Head of French - Mr J.Myles

Mrs A.Prince

Ms I.Crespo

Miss A.Stephenson

Mrs G.Dyson

Miss J.Restrepo

Mr A.Ayton

Ms S.Trytsman

Music Department

Head of Music - Mr D.Pugh -

Mrs K.Dobson

Mrs L.English

Physical Education Department

Head of PE - Mrs S.Shakespeare -

Second in Department - Mr D.Peacey

Mrs E.Minshull

Mr R.Dandy

Mr G.Jones

Mrs C.Panayi

PE Technician - Mr D.Turner

Politics Department

Head of Politics - Mr N.Mummery -

Psychology Department

Head of Psychology - Mrs K.McEwan -

Miss F.Billington

Miss K.Moloney

Religious Studies Department

Head of Religious Studies - Mr M.Nahal -

Mrs L.Jordan

Miss L.Williams

Mr L.Ovenden

Science Department

Head of Science - Mr M.Jones -

Joint Second in Department - Miss L.Waite

Joint Second in Department - Mrs J.Pratt

Head of Physics - Mr R.Kovacs

Head of Biology - Mr R.Knee

Miss J.Darby

Mrs J.Gunn

Mrs E.Lee

Mr P.Ainsley

Dr J.Meadows

Mr A.Davis

Mrs R.Thompson

Mr M.Nicolson

Mrs J.Barr

Mrs M.Lodhia

Mr A.Herbert

Miss A.Partridge

Mrs E.Ridler

Mrs J.Alexander

Sociology Department

Head of Sociology - Mr D.Knox -

Dr K.Parsons

Technology Department

Head of Technology - Mrs H.Price -

Second in Department - Mr R.Mason

Mrs L.Richards

Mr I.Grimes

Ms R.Arbuckle

Miss L.Rogers

SEN Department

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion with SENCO) - Mrs L.Jordan -

Mrs C.Lee - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B.Dudley - Teaching Assistant

Miss C.Cree - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R.Woodforth - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J.Hobbins - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G.Hutchingson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R.Fletcher - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J.Tabberer - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D.Holland - Teaching Assistant

Ms K.Rixon - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L.Birch - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M.Barratt - Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Pastoral Manager - Ms G.Faulkner

Pastoral Assistant - Miss H.Badger

Receptionist - Miss R.Armstrong

Receptionist & Attendance - Mrs C.Kilby

Marketing & communications Manager - Mrs H.Hughes

Administrative Officer - Mrs H.Morris

Attendance officer - Ms L.Clarke

Cover Supervisor - Mr J.Pateman

Learning Resource Centre Manager - Mrs J.Eadon

Learning Resource Centre Assistant - Mrs E.McGovern

Learning Resource Centre Assistant - Mrs N.McAinsh

Senior Exams Officer - Mrs J.Kelly

Exams Officer - Mrs M.Chamberlain

Sixth Form Student Support Officer - Ms E.Meilak

Senior Caretaker - Mr P.O'Sullivan

Caretaker - Mr M.Woodward

Caretaker - Mr R.Spencer - 

Science Technician - Mrs B.Jones

Science Technician - Mrs C.Titorenko

Science Technician - Mrs J.Jordan-Watts

Science Technician - Mrs C.Davies 

Science Technician - Mr O.Shuttleworth

Technology Technician - Miss N.Mullane

Technology Technician - Mrs K.Kinsella

Art Technician - Ms H.Bridgeman

Learning Support Manager & Teacher of Health and Social Care - Ms D.Renny

Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust Staff