Kenilworth School

Homework Guidelines

Homework is an integral part of learning at Kenilworth School as it is directly related to content taught during normal school time. The impact of homework on learning is consistently positive with studies suggesting it can lead to an average of five months' additional progress per year.

We do not follow a homework timetable at Kenilworth School, however below are the guidelines that teachers follow in terms of how often they set homework and how long tasks should take. This approach maintains a balance across all curriculum areas and key stages for pupils and teachers while allowing for a degree of flexibility.


Homework guidelines for teachers:

  1. Classroom teachers of all subjects and key stages will set a minimum of one piece of homework every four lessons.
  2. Homework will be relevant and designed to help pupils develop into successful, independent learners.
  3. Years 7-9 can be given up to two or three 30 minute pieces of homework per day; a maximum of 1hr 30mins per day.
  4. Years 10-11 can be given up to two or three 45 minute pieces per day – a maximum of 2hrs 15mins per day.
  5. All homework is set and recorded through Class Charts, which can be accessed by both parents and pupils. (Although pupils still have their planners, they no longer need to record homework in them but may do so if they wish).