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English Language and Literature Combined Preparation

Welcome to English!
These activities will give you a good insight into what is required of you on the course.

As part of the Literature focus of the Combined A level you study Othello, below is a link to a production of the play. Please read ‘Elements of Tragedy’ and make a note of what elements of Othello, the play, fit the genre of tragedy and why?

What opinion do you have on each character and why? 

Does Othello fit the role of a hero? 

How does Iago's plan work?  Is he clever or just lucky (until the final scene)? 

What role do the women play?

Is Desdemona a good wife?

Is Emilia a good friend to Desdemona?


Othello link to the National Theatre production

Your access details are:

Username: 3Xn.6Rm+

Password: 5Ud.7Hh"



Above is the link to the NT online library that we have access to for free at the moment

I would like you to look at their production of Othello - there is only one - but just to put your mind at rest - it has Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear in it.


There is the opportunity to do some creative writing in the course but as it is A level you need to be able to comment on the language choices you have made. 
We would like you to think about the play An Inspector Calls -  think of a' narrative gap ' that interests you  (ie a part of the story of the play that is not explored but you would like to know about)  
Did Sheila change her approach to life and go on to do something with her life?  
Did Eric settle down and become a responsible citizen?
What is the story of Eva Smith, told through her own words?
What was the content of the phone call that finishes the play?
How did Mr and Mrs Birling first meet?  
You could write a short story, a dramatic monologue, an additional scene from the play, an interior monologue.  Find a style model - a piece of writing that is in the genre that you will be writing in and annotate it for language choices - you can use the glossary attached for this.  Then write a short commentary, about 300 words, explaining why you have chosen your 'narrative gap', what is the title of your piece and  why, and explain some of your language choices such as I chose to use lots of verbs in the present continuous tense 'talking, chattering, running' to emphasize the dramatic action of the piece.
Then read The Handmaid's Tale by Atwood and find out about Margaret Atwood's life and works and why she decided to write the novel.  I attach a Knowledge Organiser with some key contextual ideas 
I hope you enjoy this work and please feel to contact me if you want some advice or some more work!
Dr K Parsons
Key Stage 5 English co ordinator and H E Co ordinator


Title Date  
Elements of Tragedy 23rd Apr 2020 Download
The Handmaid's Tale context knowledge organiser 24th Apr 2020 Download