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We want students to have an inspiring experience of GCSE Drama and Theatre. This qualification   emphasises practical creativity alongside research and theoretical understanding. Students learn through experience, seeing theatre and making theatre for themselves. Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical styles and contexts as they explore plays practically and devise and work on performances.

Transferrable skills

Students of AQA  Drama and Theatre develop skills that are not just essential for drama but applicable to a wide range of other GCSE subjects, as well as in the workplace. This subject refines students’  collaborative skills, their analytical thinking and their approach to research. Students grow in      confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop a sound appreciation of the influences that cultural and  social contexts can have on decision making. It develops confidence, presentation skills and a strong understanding of group dynamics. Students emerge with a toolkit of transferable skills preparing them for their next steps.; 6th Form, College or Employment

What is involved in GCSE Drama and Theatre?

The subject content for GCSE Drama and Theatre is divided into three components:

1 Understanding Drama

2 Devising Drama

3 Texts in Practice

In the practical components students may specialise in performing, lighting, sound, set, costume, and/or puppets.


Component 1 Understanding Drama

What’s assessed ?

* Knowledge and understanding of Drama and Theatre

* Study of one set plays, one chosen from a list—current prescribed texts include The Crucible, Blood Brothers, The 39 Steps and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

* Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers How it’s assessed

Written exam: 1 1/2 hours 80 marks

40% of the GCSE

QuestionsSection A: multiple choice on theatre      practice  (4 marks) Section B: four questions on a given extract from the set play chosen (44 marks) Section C: one question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production (32 marks)


Component 2Creating original Drama (practical)

What’s assessed ?

* Process of creating devised Drama

* Performance of devised drama (students may contribute as performer, designer or director)

* Analysis and evaluation of own work.

How it’s assessed

* Devised log —2500 words (60 marks)

* Devised performance (20 marks)  80 marks in total

40% of the GCSE This component is marked by teachers and moderated by AQA.

Component 3 Texts in Practice (practical)

What’s assessed ?

* Performance of two extracts from one play.

* Free choice of play but it must contrast with set play chosen for Component 1

 How it’s assessed

* Performance of Extract 3 (40 marks)

* Reflective report (20 marks)

60 marks in total

20% of the GCSE  This component is marked by AQA.



Keystage 3

Drama is a vital tool in the development of understanding and English as a subject. We use Drama techniques to explore text, character and context in English lessons, and in the summer term of years 7 and 8 explore and study one play dramatically. These opportunities allow students to learn and engage with the key concepts and forms of drama, build their confidence and support their understanding of language.

In year 9, Drama is a vital component of the summer term’s study of a Shakespeare play in 2016, this will culminate in a celebration of Shakespeare’s work.

Keystage 4

Students studying Drama at GCSE follow the Edexcel specification-

Unit 1-
Paper 1- Study and exploration of Drama forms and mediums- using explorative strategies in workshops to explore a theme. E.g. Conflict.
Paper 2 - Written coursework is completed to evaluate and reflect on this practical process.

Unit 2- 
Paper 1- Study and exploration of a complete text- assessed practical workshops exploring that text in detail

Paper 2- Written coursework to evaluation the practical process

Paper 3- A Written Evaluation of a piece of Live Theatre Seen

Unit 3- A completely practical unit where students work in small groups to produce a piece of live performance for an examiner based on a theme. E.g. Contrast. Students can opt to work as an actor, lighting/sound designer, costume/set designer.

Keystage 5

We study Drama and Theatre studies on the AQA specification. Students partake in an academic study of the subject of Drama and Theatre Studies where they foster a deepened understanding of all elements of the Theatre- from the written text itself, the theoretical principals of the subject and the technical appreciation of Live Theatre and contemporary practitioners


Year 7/8 Drama Club- (Christmas production and Spring term production)

Year 9 Drama Club- Christmas Production and Summer Shakespeare Festival


Annual School Production

Students from all year groups have the opportunity to take part in an end of year Musical Theatre Production. Previous shows have included Blood Brothers, Oliver, Les Miserables and 2015’s production of Grease! Not only do students have the opportunity to perform but have been set, costume lighting and sound designers’ stage managers and photographers- 2015’s production has enjoyed the involvement of over 60 students in our backstage, technical and design crew.