Kenilworth School


Students study the discrete subject of citizenship which culumniates in a GCSE qualifiation. This course is made up of five themes:

Theme A - Living together in the UK. This looks at issues such as:
What is a community?

  • What give us our identity?
  • Migration – pros and cons
  • Human rights
  • Political rights.

Theme B – Democracy at work in the UK. This looks at how the UK is governed:

  • Voting and elections
  • Different types of governments
  • How laws are made
  • How the government controls and uses its budget

Theme C – How the law works:

  • What is the point of law?
  • Criminal and civil law
  • The justice system
  • How can we reduce crime?

Theme D – Power and Influence. This looks at various ways in which governments, organisations including the media have power or influence over society:

  • Trade Unions
  • Democracy
  • Media – the press and free speech
  • European Union
  • The Commonwealth
  • The United Nations

Theme E – Taking Citizenship Action. Here students choose an issue linked to the above four themes. They create a campaign to raise awareness of this chosen issue globally or  within the local community.

Students sit two terminal exams – both exams are worth 50% of the final examination grade. All five themes mentioned above are assessed across the two exams.