Kenilworth School

Higher Education

Your time at Kenilworth Sixth Form Centre will pass quickly, which means that career planning must keep pace with your academic studies. Most of the careers programme happens during Year 12 to enable you to complete applications for higher education or employment during the autumn term of Year 13. 

January to March
Many of you will feel undecided about career choices at this early stage of your course; help will be available to enable you to make an effective choice.

May and June
During the summer term 'Higher Education' is central to the tutorial programme.  Answers will be given to questions such as:

  • What is special about Higher Education?
  • Can I combine employment, training and degree studies?
  • How do I decide where to apply to?
  • What will it cost?

From May onwards you will spend time on research and consultation. 

You will be encouraged to make use of up to three carefully selected university open days. The whole year group attends the UCAS Convention at either Birmingham or Aston University where you can visit stalls from universities around the country. Visits are arranged to colleges at Oxford and Cambridge.

Throughout the year you may take the opportunity to discuss your personal position with the Castle Higher Education Co-ordinator and our 14-19 Careers’ Adviser, Marie Brennan.

All students have unrestricted access to the Careers Library which contains a range of careers information, reference books, prospectuses for local colleges of Further Education and all United Kingdom universities.  
There are computer software programmes and careers-based websites for your use; the Careers Library is equipped with four computers each with internet access.

If you do wish to go to university, by the end of the summer term you should have two or three serious options in your sights to be the basis of applications as soon as we return from the summer holiday. Then you will be shown how to complete the application procedure online so as to give you the best possible chance of success in gaining a university place.