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Kenilworth School sees 82% grade 4 and above pass rate at GCSE

Posted on: 26/08/2019

An impressive 66% of Kenilworth School year 11 students achieved a strong pass in both English and maths at grade 5 and above, with 82% accomplishing a solid pass of at least a grade 4 in both subjects. A number attained the gold standard of grade 9 across several subjects.

  • Grades 8 and 9 are broadly equivalent to the old A*, with grade 4 approximately equal to a C.
  • The average grade for a student was 5.8, broadly similar to an old-style B. This represented very strong progress for the majority of students, compared with the level at which they were working when they arrived at the school.
  • The superb results were a cause for delight both for students and staff.

“It is always a delight, but not a surprise, to see our students do so well. Their well-deserved success is due to their exceptionally hard work and dedication to their study in school and at home, combined with their enthusiasm to take part in or lead enrichment activities outside the timetabled curriculum. What we do in Kenilworth School is far more than prepare our young people for exams. We provide them with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world around them and make the most of their potential. They enjoy what they do and act as strong role models and ambassadors for younger students in school and in the town. We are all very proud of our students. Congratulations to all of the outgoing year 11s at Kenilworth School.”

Head teacher, Hayden Abbott