Kenilworth School



Department for Education figures show Kenilworth School students achieve ‘well above average’ progress.

Posted on: 11/02/2020

Kenilworth School students are performing ‘well above average’ according to national performance tables just released by the government.

In fact, it is beaten by only three other schools in the whole of the county – two of them grammar schools.

The ‘progress 8’ score measures improvements made between arrival at secondary school at the age of 11 and GCSE. The school’s score of 0.62 shows Kenilworth students achieve, on average, half a grade higher than that attained by pupils at other schools nationwide.

The latest set of figures follows the publication a few weeks ago of the Department for Education’s ‘added value’ scores which measure improvements between GCSE and A level.

The scores, also called progress scores, focus on the improvement shown rather than the final results in isolation.

Scores above zero show students made more progress on average than students across England who achieved similar GCSE results.

Kenilworth School and Sixth Form head Hayden Abbott said: “Once again our students have achieved excellent results. This is a reflection not only of the hard work put in by our young people, but also of the high level of expertise, skill and dedication of our teaching staff.

“At A-level, the added value score for our students is a phenomenal achievement given that the starting points at GCSE are already above expected levels of progress. In short, not only do students achieve exceptionally high levels of attainment at GCSE and A-level, but the evidence from the progress score indicates that we still add significant value and help every student to achieve their full potential.”

The publication of both sets of DfE figures follows a record year for A levels for Kenilworth School, which saw a third of students achieving A and A* grades, compared with just 25 per cent across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Almost ten per cent of the students achieved A* grades, compared with just 8 per cent nationwide. And 73 per cent achieved three or more A levels at A* to C.

The school was also recently named the 18th highest performing state secondary school in the West Midlands by the Sunday Times.