Kenilworth School

Flagship Inclusive School


We are very proud to have been awarded Flagship Status for the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM). This follows the school being an IQM Centre of Excellence for three years. This makes Kenilworth School and Sixth Form one of only 100 schools in the country to have been awarded this Flagship status.

In order to be awarded the quality mark schools have to show how they ensure inclusion of students, staff, parents and the community in all aspects of school life. The process is very rigorous with a detailed application having to be submitted, followed up by a two-day visit to the school by an Inclusion Quality Mark assessor. The assessor verifies that what has been published within the school’s application is accurate and can be properly evidenced.

Over the two days the assessor observed lessons and assemblies, interviewed a number of students, staff parents and school governors. Following this assessment, we have been successful in gaining the Inclusion Quality Mark.

To achieve Flagship status, as school must have been a Centre of Excellence for at least three years and have successfully met targets set by IQM and satisfy an assessor in an annual review of progress of achieving the agreed targets.

Part of being a Flagship school is to undertake a research project. Last year’s project focused on three main areas:
1) Gaps and Growth - Each department was asked to identify where there were gaps in student knowledge due to the pandemic and prolonged periods of remote learning. Through using strategies developed by each department, these knowledge gaps were focussed on to help reduce them to enable all of students to have equal knowledge allowing them to progress.

2) Tutoring and Mentoring – Through the use of catch up funding from the DfE, identified students were provided with extra tutoring and mentoring sessions. Students worked either individually or in small groups with tutors and or their mentors to provide intervention strategies especially in Maths and English.

3) Supporting student’s mental health – a variety of sessions and opportunities were provided to students to help in supporting their mental health following several lockdown periods and having to work remotely. Through student questionnaires, it was apparent that there was a wide range of issues that was affecting student’s mental health.

Please click on this link to view the full review document submitted to IQM.

Our Flagship status and review of our previous academic year’s targets was assessed on Tuesday 9th November 2021. Mrs J. Flynn (IQM assessor) spoke to students and staff involved in the three objectives from 2020 - 2021. Mrs Flynn explained how impressed she was with the work that had been carried out during a difficult period of time. She has recommended to IQM that we continue be accredited with being a Flagship school for inclusion.

The following are the agreed targets for 2021 – 2022:

  1. Enhancement of catch up provision for all, including disadvantaged and SEN students
  2. Introduction of the Learning Journey for all year groups to enhance the 5Rs and other attributes in their personal development
  3. Promotion of equality of protected characteristics within the curriculum





Title Date  
IQM Kenilworth School Report 25th Nov 2021 Download