Kenilworth School

E-Safety Guidance and Advice

Dear Parent and Carers
With so many children being at home at the moment, their use of social platforms has surged massively across the country. Although each platform has its benefits, they also come with some hidden dangers.
I have attached some information regarding Digital Safety specifically aimed at those social media platforms which a lot of children are now using. The attached range of infographics (pdf document) highlights some of the safeguarding considerations with young people video messaging each other and potential strangers.  These range from Zoom, Houseparty, TikTok, Youtube, Whatsapp and many others.   Please also note that each of these platforms have a minimum age restriction on creating an account. 
The following link provides a full list of platforms and minimum age restrictions:
The information in each of the infographics is not to scare monger or suggest that your child stops using such platforms; it merely highlights some of the risks and ways to mitigate them.

  • The following is some general advice that you might want to consider:
  • Regularly check-in with young people. Be curious as to the activities they are participating in online
  • For young children, set up parental controls. A comprehensive list of how-to guides in available here
  • Encourage screen use in communal areas rather than bedrooms
  • Ensure young people have time off screens - for example at meal times and in the hour before bedtime
  • Encourage physical exercise.

Further to the above there is also a link, jointly created by Parentzone and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection command) ,which offers parents advice on many areas of ensuring our children stay safe online:

I hope that you find this information useful – stay safe.



E-Safety Information Date  
HouseParty 15th May 2020 Download
Online Grooming 15th May 2020 Download
Snapchat 15th May 2020 Download
Social Media Mental Health 15th May 2020 Download
TikTok 15th May 2020 Download
Whatsapp 15th May 2020 Download
Youtube 15th May 2020 Download
Zoom 15th May 2020 Download