Welcome to DofE at Kenilworth School

The DofE award involves completing a series of sections.  Volunteering - working in the community helping with a charity or youth group. 

Physical - time to get out and do some sport 

Skill - learn a new skill like cookery or driving.

Volunteer - Volunteer at a local charity 

Expedition - go out on an expedition.  At bronze the expedition is in the local area and the Cotswolds.  At Silver they venture to the Peak District and Lond Mynd.  At Gold students plan their own expedition.  Past locations have included the River Spey, River Tay, Loch Sheil, The Dordorgne, Snowdonia, The Cairngorms.  Many paddle but the mode of transport is up to you.  

Residential - at gold you also have to complete a residential.  5 days away in a residential setting.  In the past students have helped repair railways and canals, spent a week photographing deer, rebuilt an orpanage in Kenya, done a tour of Fiji....the opportunities are endless.  

Bronze Award 

Starts in year 10. Enrolment forms need to be handed to Mrs Spooner by Friday 2nd October.  No forms will be accepted after this date. Contact Mrs Spooner with any questions

To enrol you need 

1.  Enrolment form

​​​​​​​2. Bitesize planner

3.  Payment £39 on parent pay

4.  Bronze Letter 



Silver Award 

Starts in year 11.  To start the Silver award you must have completed your Bronze award. The is run by Mr. Evans 

To enrol you need 


1. Silver Letter 

2.  Enrolment form 

3. Medical form

4.  Payment of £39 on parent pay

5. Bitesize planner 


Gold Award 

Starts in year 12 

Enrolment by 2nd October. To enrol you need to:

1. Enrolment form 

2. Bitesize planner 

3. Gold Letter 

4. Payment of £46 on parent pay ​

5. Medical form

6. Residential Approval Form


To find the files required, please log into the VLE and you will find them on the DofE page.