Kenilworth School & Sixth Form Canteen is run by Innovate, who provide their catering service to over 80 secondary schools throughout the UK. The Catering Manager at Kenilworth School is Martyn Welch, who has 15 years’ experience in the catering industry and is enthusiastic and passionate about producing fresh dishes for our pupils


"Since launching in 2007, we have always looked at new ways of encouraging secondary school students to eat more healthily, in addition to ensuring that those students who are eligible for free school meals are taking advantage of our delicious options whilst remaining completely anonymous.


This mission still stands to today … with over 80 secondary school partnerships, our approach is still to work in collaboration with our clients to inspire all students with our fabulous food. Our teams focus on creating great food, which is healthy and importantly what students want to eat, whilst ensuring our fresh and creative recipes are prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients.

We are proud to say our results speak for themselves … many of our schools double their meal uptake when they partner with us.


‘We live up to our name … so we are always searching for new ingredients, new products, new recipes to excite our customers’"

  • Innovate Service Ltd


Innovate provide theme days based on events such as halloween and Diwali. Below are examples menus from these theme days.

Cashless Catering System

Pupil simply place their finger on a scanner at the point of sale, a display will show the server the pupil’s name, class and current cash balance held within the system. The selected food items will be entered into the system from an itemised keyboard whilst the amount spent and the new cash balance will show on the display. This balance can be topped by via ParentPay or a Cash Terminal located within the school. For further details please download our Cashless system leaflet here